Elina Gerodes was born on the 18th of April, 1978, in Leningrad (i.e. St.Petersburg), in a cool and cloudy typical St.Petersburg weather spring day. This baby was instantly loved by everyone in the family, so much that each one wanted to give her a name. Three months after she was born, in order to decide what name to give her, the members of the family organized a draw. At the draw Elina chose the name that her mother suggested.

During her childhood, she played with level lenses and guns in leather holsters instead of dolls and balls, due to the fact that her father was a military hydrograph. During his service, the family was always following him around the area of the Baltic Fleet in Russia and Estonia. The sounds of the Baltic Sea became a sensational music in the ears of the young Elina, which later inspired her to write poetry.

Perhaps that was the reason at the age of nine Gerodes wrote her first composition. Since the age of thirteen Elina started writing poems regularly. During teenage years she got a primary music education from her friends. Various Russian singers, such as Victor Tsoi, Yuri Vizbor, Alexander Rozenbaum, Crematori inspired her and attached her heart to the guitar forever.

After finishing school, Elina wanted to enter the theatre college but instead she entered the law faculty of Alexandrovsky lyceum of A. Pushkin. Later, Gerodes continued her education in the law faculty of St.Petersburg State University of Alexander Pushkin.

Noteworthy is that there is a deeper connection between Elina and the name of Alexander Pushkin. In 1872 Elina's ancestors, a family of Estonian Germans, named Gerodes, decided to change their place of living from Revel and moved to beautiful places not far from Gatchina (30 km from St.Petersburg). They bought the windmill, which had been designed and built by Abraham Gannibal, the famous great grandfather of Alexander Pushkin. In that area the famous Russian poet was born and brought up.

Subsequently Elina gave birth to her daughter and concentrated for a few years solely on bringing her up and on her education. As time passed by, the need to write lyrics and songs was growing stronger and stronger. Indeed she started writing again and one poem was following the other.

In 2006, with the help and support of her friends, Gerodes organized her first concert in a historic and symbolic place in St Petersburg, called the "Stray Dog". She courageously performed in the café, which was full of people. "Stray Dog" is an Art café, where literary, theatrical and artistic elements have been meeting and merging together since it first opened in 1911. The most famous frequenters of the "Stray Dog" were, amongst others, Tamara Karsavina, Mikhail Fokin, Yuriy Yurev, Anna Akhmatova, Nikolay Gumilev, Konstantin Balmont, Igor Severyanin, Alexander Black, Osyp Mandelshtam and many others.

She later started to perform with different music bands. Following two months of hard work with the other musicians, Elina performed in the St. Petersburg Theatre called "The Island". The concert was described by authors as a synthesis of songs, poetry and light.

At the same time Elina recorded her first amateur album, titled "Live Concert for live peopleLive Concert for live people".

Gerodes, while looking for and creating her on identity in music, collaborated with trio from St. Petersburg Conservatory, rock bands and folk music groups.
In 2008, Elina suddenly started drawing. With brushes and coal, she began to draw on different kinds of canvases. She also designed and made the frames for her paintings. Gerodes also started drawing miniatures on rocks. Elina's innovation is a painting on canvas cork. Drawing became her second most important occupation after music.

Meanwhile, Gerodes started having lessons with vocal teachers of different styles from opera to pop.

During the same year destiny leaded her to a cultural community of bards. Of course modern bard songs require the possession of syllable, guitar and performing skills. Elina made great efforts to obtain those skills. For the next 1,5 years she traveled around Russia and participated in festivals, earned honors and awards in many competitions.

Thus, in 2008, Gerodes won the contest of the St. Petersburg Union of Composers "I am a composer."

In 2009, Elina won the poetry competition of the Grushinsky Festival. She became the first participant in the history of the festival that was allowed to read poetry on the famous "Grushinskiy guitar" without the guitar.

The same year, Elina Gerodes went on a tour in the Far North of Russia, Siberia and in Buryatia.

During the eventful 2009, she recorded the second, already semi-professional, album called "City GerodesCity Gerodes", with the initiative and help of Igor Malygin. The format of the music style is the same – guitar & voice.

The search for Gerodes's own unique genre and identity continued. Jazz chords started to appear in Gerodes's songs.
Elina participated in the organization and preparation of several St Petersburg music festivals.

During the last 3 years she continued gaining experience for the next step. And now, on the New Year's eve of 2013, Elina Gerodes will release her awaited third album, called "Who is needed?". Kirill Kuzmin, the music conductor and the head of the St. Petersburg ensemble of songs and dance named after I.Dunaevsky, worked at the arrangements.

Since 2012 Elina has been living in Estonia again. It is a return to her roots and at the same time it is the beginning of a new life. It is a time to love, to hope and to believe...