II paintings exhibition of Tallinn flower Festival 20.05. - 26.08.2016

A new painting “Grandma’s dooryard” you can see in Tallinn, Laboratooriumi 27, Köismäe tower.
Exhibition is open Wed – Sun, 10.00 – 17.00 (Mon, Tue is close).

Exhibition of portrait „Eyes to eyes“

12.05 – 30.06.2016
In the heart of old town:
«Art Cafe», Kullassepa 13, Tallinn

"Люди и Деревья" персональная выставка Элины Геродес с 1 декабря по 4 января в выставочном пространстве Kochi Kohvi Aiad

«GRAGR IV» the first time in Tallinn! 04.06 – 30.07.2015

For the first time in Tallinn, you can see the exhibition "GRAGR IV» during June and July 2015.

The paintings are located on two floors of the building administration of the largest district of Tallinn.
The second floor has been cast to portraits. On the third floor you can to admire some compositions, graphics and narrative works.

Lasnamae District Administration:
Pallasti 54, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 645 7715
Work hours:
Mon. 8.15 - 18.00
Tues-Thurs 8.15 - 17.00
Fri. 8.15 - 16.00

"GRAGR III" is again in St. Petersburg! Art-Space «FREEDOM», Imperial Hall. 10.10 - 09.11.2014

Contemporary Art in historic interiors petersburg's mansion looks very organic.

Vernissage  will be held  untraditional - as a full concert.

The exposition is replenished with new paintings by Elina Gerodes.

Among them most  attract attention "Dance of Blue Horse at sunset" and strong and honest "Black-and-white self-portrait".

"GRAGR" in the museum of the Aleksandrovsky Cathedral in Narva. 15.05 – 30.08.2014

"GRAGR" - a personal exhibition Gerodes in St. Petersburg

Afisha GRAGR-200x281