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CD "Who is needed?"


Men's fertility

Мужское плодородиеOil, canvas/cardboard, 25 x 35 cm (with frame 50 x 60 cm) 2008
The painting is an inspiration by Italian nature. Pomegranate is a symbol of male fertility.
(Author's construction and design of the frame).

Three Trees

Три дереваWatercolors, paper, 33 x 43 cm 2011
According to Aristotle, number three is a number of completeness, "it is the number of a triad, because it contains a beginning, middle and the end."
(Author's design of the frame).

Passion on Eve

Страсти по ЕвеGouache, paper, 20 x 14 cm (unframed). 2007
There is a wondering about events that could happen in a well known story.


04-chistilisheGouache, paper, 22 x 14 cm (unframed). 2007
Who am I? Why does it hurt? What is holiness?

Vatrushka (Lomonosov square, St. Petersburg.)

05-vatrushkaOil, plywood, 38 x 57 cm 2009
St.Petersburg, humpbacked bridge over the Fontanka, jazz from the car speakers, accident glance and forever saved picture.