Exhibition of portrait „Eyes to eyes“

            12.05 – 30.06.2016
            «Art Cafe», Kullassepa 13, Tallinn


New paintings in the gallery!

01.12.2015 - 04.01.2016 "Люди и Деревья" в Таллинне

В течение месяца с 1 декабря по 4 января в 
выставочном пространстве Kochi Kohvi Aiad 
проходит персональная художественная
выставка Элины Геродес "Люди и Деревья".
"Kochi Kohvi Tuba" -  Lootsi 10,  Tallinn                                    

"КВАРТИРНИК" открывает двери!

Авторский телевизионный проект Элины Геродес "КВАРТИРНИК" стал призёром мультимедийного марафона, прошедшего с 13 по 15 ноября 2015 года в Таллинне. 
Команда премирована мотивационной поездкой на шведское национальное телевидение и участием 
в создании новогодней программы на телеканале ETV+.
Организаторы мультимедийного марафона: телеканал эстонского национального теле-радио вещания ETV+ 
и фонд интеграции и миграции "Наши люди" (MISA).


«GRAGR IV» the first time in Tallinn! 04.06 – 30.07.2015


For the first time in Tallinn, you can see the exhibition "GRAGR IV» during June and July 2015.

The paintings are located on two floors of the building administration of the largest district of Tallinn.
The second floor has been cast to portraits. On the third floor you can to admire some compositions, graphics and narrative works.

Lasnamae District Administration:
Pallasti 54, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 645 7715
Work hours:
Mon. 8.15 - 18.00
Tues-Thurs 8.15 - 17.00
Fri. 8.15 - 16.0


14.02.2015, 19.00 Author’s concert of Elina Gerodes “Friend’s day” in Alter Stuudio

Romantic concert of Elina Gerodes in АLTER STUUDIO, Tartu mnt. 43/ Fr.R.Kreutzwaldi 24 , Tallinn.
Tickets: Piletilevi. NB! Seats are limited
Sponsor of the concert is tv-channel  TV N.

The New Year’s Eve is coming very soon!

A painting has the magic to fill all the space around with the special energy. It is not just the combination of colors and shapes, it is the message from the artist's heart that is forever imprinted and exudes out of the picture like the sunshine or freshness of the water flow. The picture gives you energy, creative spirit and the investment into the future.
Each painting by Elina Gerodes has its own history. Together with the original painting, you receive the license certificate of authenticity and uniqueness of the instance. Almost all of the paintings are professionally framed.
If you are looking for the most special gifts for your loved ones - only in December you GET 50% discount for ALL original paintings by Elina Gerodes (NB! Gallery prices are excluding discount).
Prints can also be ordered.  
We wish for all of you Joyful and tangerine mood!
To make an order or ask a question, please, contact us by:
- email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- mobile phone:  +37256880937

“Heart is open, come in!”. The long-awaited concert in Tallinn. 20/11/2014

Tallinn concert "Heart is open, come in!" will begin at 19:00, 20/11/2014.
The action will take place in camer-hall on the 4th floor of the mystic tower of the old city of  Loewenschede.

Heart - is a door, guarding the entrance to the unique and precious inner world of human.
And it can be opened with only one hand - from the inside.
Poignant poems, touching music intonations, intriguing paintings
and force of personality of the author, which made it all with supreme grace - will be open for you this evening!
The concert will feature guest - Taisi Pettai.

 Note: places are limited!
Tower Loewenschede (Gallery ASUUR Keraamika)
Tallinn, Kooli, 7 (entrance from Tornide valjak)
Ticket 10 euros.

Collective exhibition of the International Union of Artists in Estonia. 15.10 - 20.11.2014

Elina Gerodes presented five of her works. Their conceptual content aroused interest and questions from visitors.

A distinctive feature of art by Gerodes is that it helps sink into a feelings and thoughts. Helps to turn to the human beside you and start converse, exchange of views, which is so lacking in today's digital world.

"GRAGR III" is again in St. Petersburg! Art-Space «FREEDOM», Imperial Hall. 10.10 - 09.11.2014

Contemporary Art in historic interiors petersburg's mansion looks very organic.

Vernissage  will be held  untraditional - as a full concert.

The exposition is replenished with new paintings by Elina Gerodes.

Among them most  attract attention "Dance of Blue Horse at sunset" and strong and honest "Black-and-white self-portrait".

Autumn concerts in St. Petersburg


Winner of national literary competition


"GRAGR" in the museum of the Aleksandrovsky Cathedral in Narva. 15.05 – 30.08.2014

"GRAGR" - a personal exhibition Gerodes in St. Petersburg

We invite you in our art gallery!

December 23, 2013 Elina Gerodes was admitted to the International Union of Artists in Estonia

06.11.2013 in the studio show "Guitar on a circle" Elina Gerodes. Exclusive Interview for Elena Gudkova on the teledom.tv

Two October concerts in St. Petersburg - Two commonwealth!

Music Boutique

Play logo


Nowadays it is not so easy to find a shop that is oriented on the music selection.

For this reason we are especially glad to inform you, dear friends, that the new CD of Elina Gerodes "Who is needed?" can now be found in one of the best music shops in St. Petersburg.

Your CD is waiting for you in the music boutique PLAY, street Caravannaya, 1

"Life, like a miracle!" Charity concert tour

The charity concert tour will take place in June - July 2013. You can hear the music from the new album "Who is needed?"


More information here!